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Welcome to my website!

I'm so glad you dropped by. I've got so much to share with you. Stories, poems, songs - it's all here, waiting to be discovered.

You'll find information on my current and upcoming books, lastest short stories and my new podcast, Musings And Other Nonsense.

I hope these stories inspire you to write or draw your own. We all have stories inside our heads - and they want to get out (it's cramped in there). I know mine are always knocking :)

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Please join me for my brand new podcast: Musings and other Nonsense.

Each week, I'll present a new poem, short story or song. They're often silly, sometimes thoughtful, but always fun. Well, maybe mostly silly :)

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Alright. Yours can be better :)

Lost Hallway


Lost Hallway Is a 38 page, full-colour picture book. Perfect for tiny humans aged 3-7.

It follows the adventures of a young boy who discovers a magical world that contains all lost things.

There are rooms filled with keys. Rooms filled with pets. Rooms filled with socks and even lost bets!

You can also find testimonials from readers around the world below.

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Hail to Canada's Dr. Seuss!

Peter G. Reynolds and Keith

Grachow have produced a

charming children's book.



Hugo and Nebula

Award Winning Author


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Lost Hallway: Where do lost things go?

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