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For the Grown Ups!

What does a Videographer do when the wedding he films starts an intergalactic war? Find out in Broken Vow, my second instalment of Flick Gibson: Intergalactic Videographer, which I'm very excited to announce was recently published in the latest issue of Onspec magazine! Who is Flick Gibson? Is this story for kids? And how did you miss the first instalment? To answer the first question, Flick is an Intergalactic Videographer that gets into trouble when hired to film various space gigs. Regarding the second question, everyone knows me as a children's author, but I do write for an older crowd at times. The story is still for the young at heart, just not that young. And finally, to catch up with Flick's adventures, you can order back copies from the following link (issues #115 and #120) or subscribe to Onspec directly. They're a great home-grown Canadian sci-fi magazine, please support them!

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